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About Joanne

"I will be your personal fitness cheerleader!"

I come from a family where helping and encouraging someone is second nature.  Helping others improve their health and fitness brings joy and purpose to my life. I was inspired to transition into the fitness industry as a second career in my late 40’s.  Sure, there are a ton of benefits to healthy living and physical activity, but for me, it was the confidence and vitality it brought into my life and the lives of those around me. This is what drives my passion and commitment to advance my knowledge and expertise of the fitness industry and target a group that is similar to myself and my family. 

Growing up and even in my early adult years, we didn’t have gym memberships or attend group training classes. It was fitness through activities of daily living – walking, stair climbing, lifting and carrying objects. 

My mother is 99 years old. I firmly believe that it is because of her attitude, persistence and determination to continue to do her activities of daily living as best she can that gives her confidence and purpose.  She still lives at the house I grew up in, by herself, and tries her best to serve and encourage others. My father had atherosclerosis and passed away from the effects of the disease many years ago.  My older siblings were both diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis early in their lives and have been battling the hurdles presented to them through activities of daily life everyday with dignity, courage and a positive attitude.  

Given health and movement mean different things to different people, I am motivated by dedicating my time and energy to help people around me feel and move better. My interests in health and wellness ignited in my 20’s. I was overweight and lacked self-confidence in my body image.  I took it upon myself to start moving, changing my eating habits, losing some weight and toning my muscle mass.  I purchased a jump rope, some free weights and began transforming my life. Since then, I have tried to continue to eat and live healthy.  

About eight years ago, I went to the doctors for my annual physical and was told that I had lost muscle mass and I had osteopenia. I took this as a motivator to get back to a commitment to my own personal fitness and rebuild muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

I did some research, took some courses and loved how it made me feel more confident and empowered. I was motivated through my own success to create an individualized functional fitness experience for people of all walks of life.

Fitness training is a process and a journey, like life’s journey! Never give up or say you can’t do something because YOU CAN! Make the adjustments and modifications, take the integrated progressions, stay positive, and keep moving!

Taking the first step to a better you is the toughest. I believe in YOU! Now, let’s get moving!


Staying active is a choice! Make YOUR decision today to take a proactive approach to YOUR health & fitness.  YOU deserve it! YOU are worth it! Life is a Gift and Life is Good! Now Let’s Get Moving!  Call for YOUR Free Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment! 


Joanne Duggan Welch - Credentials


  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) accredited through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)                                              


With Board Specializations accredited through NASM


  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

  • Women’s Fitness Specialist (WFS)     


Additional Specialty Group Fitness Certifications: Certificates of Completion


  • XY Level 1 Pro Trainer - a HIIT/yoga/plyo program 

  • Group Ride - indoor cycling program   

  • Group Power - total body weight resistance program 



Additional Certifications and Continuing Education Courses:


  • American Heart Association - Heartsaver CPR/AED   In good standing and current

  • Functional Movement Systems, Certification FMS C 1

  • Integrated Core Training

  • Stepping On Falls Prevention Workshop, Leader

  • Senior Fitness Classes:

    • Balance & Fall Prevention

    • Exercise & Chronic Diseases

    • Essential Functional Exercises for Seniors

  • Nutrition & Metabolic Training Strategies for Weight Loss


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